This is an electronic document management tool that provides native storage, creation, commenting, versioning, publishing, backup of electronic documents (e.g. MS Word, Excel, .pdf and others) and their metadata (e.g. date of creation, date of last change, initials of approval, list of commenting participants, etc.) in one place (centralisation, unified repository). Our solution uses and further expands the capabilities of your existing Fabasoft electronic registry solution. If interested, these components can be interconnected with the aim of having a synergistic effect on the mentioned platform.

Advantages of the ENTERPRISE Agenda Platform in the area of documents

  • Uniform structure of electronic documents
  • Uniform document templates (corporate identity)
  • Electronic signing of documents through initials (auditability of all activities)
  • Collaborate as a team to create documents and share them across teams
  • Versioning of documents
  • Simultaneous editing of a document so that one person's changes are not overwritten by another
  • Configuration of document access rights (reading, editing, both)
  • Ability to have discussions during the creation of documents
  • Ability to categorise and sort documents
  • Document search within the unified repository


The ENTERPRISE Agenda Platform product is a powerful and versatile tool to support the unification and uniformity of administrative processes across the entire organisation. It allows you to use predefined process templates, or create a new template for the entire document life process, from assigning a task, through its creation, starting process activities such as document commenting, approval and signing, to the creation of the final form of the document (invoice, order, etc.), which leaves the organisation through the legally prescribed form by linking to the IS agenda.

Advantages of the ENTERPRISE Agenda Platform  in the area of processes

  • Unification of processes (implementation of the same/similar processes in the organisation in a unified way)
  • Process management in the hands of the customer (ad hoc editing options in the graphic editor)
  • Optimising and evaluating the effectiveness of established processes
  • Processes consist of existing activities created in the system
  • The ability to create process templates and create process clones from them to process other types of documents
  • Support for checking the workflow of individual processes
  • Electronic internal signing/ approval processes
  • Auditability of all activities (checks on the level of access to documents and analysis of actions on documents, users and the system)
  • Security at the platform level (certified platform in the sense of Public Administration Information System and Slovak Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatisation requirements) and at the application level (access rights, organisational structure, audit logging of operations performed on documents)
  • Advanced tools for extracting and analysing the organisation's existing data

Advantages of the solution

  • EAP is designed to provide the customer with a wide range of configuration options, without the need for supplier intervention
  • Universality of the tool (ability to create any document with processes that can be adapted to the type of document)
  • Simple modification of processes from predefined activities in the system (any user can lay out processes in the graphic editor)
  • Building a green office (without paper-based bureaucracy)
  • Optimising and unifying the workflow of the organisation's administrative processes
  • Creating document flows (workflow)
  • Electronic approval without the need to print and "manually" sign documents
  • Security of the solution (users can only view documents for which they have permission)
  • Access to electronic documents stored in the DMS from anywhere and any time
  • Management of people's access to data
  • The solution offers the ability to have a discussion within the team to process the document and saving it in the processing history (the entire issue in one place, without the need to leave the system)
  • The solution provides the ability to organise created documents into a tree of folders (as in Win)
  • The solution provides for the creation of work teams and the sharing of documents within them
  • EAP integration options with other customer IS agendas