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We are a software company offering IT solutions created using our experts’ many years of experience. Our team is built upon a solid foundation of loyalty, friendly relationships and respect. Our specialists analyse customer needs in detail, offer support in selecting the most suitable solutions and we streamline internal business processes during implementation. We work with the bulk intelligent processing of paper data and subsequent automated processing in electronic form. We are aware of the value and power of information, so we pay maximum attention to its protection not only from the point of view of security, but also from the point of view of personal data protection.

An individual approach to the client and respect for their requirements come first for us.


We specialise in the implementation of Business Intelligence (BI) as support for efficient data acquisition, processing and analysis. We use globally recognized Talend, Knowage, and Power BI tools, thanks to which we create a user-friendly environment built on stable foundations. 

We are the implementation partner of the specialised ActiveRegistry (ActiveRegistratúra) solution for effective electronic registry management which comprehensively resolves the processes defined in valid legislative standards, ensures the administration and management of documents throughout their entire life cycle, including archiving. ActiveRegistry complies with the requirements of Slovak Ministry of Interior Decree No. 525/2011 Coll. as amended by Slovak Ministry of Interior Regulation No. 203/2011 Coll. on Standards for Electronic Information Systems for Registry Management with the “High Level” Rating Level (certificate no.: SVS–OAR1-2022/006685 dated 21 April 2022).

ENTERPRISE Agenda Platform (ENTERPRISE Agendová Platforma – EAP) Every organization creates dozens of documents every day that need to be processed, shared and stored. Document management consists of the introduction of uniform rules that define the way documents are handled in organisations and an information system that effectively supports these rules. The organisation's electronic document management information system is referred to as the DMS system. Once the system is implemented, the organisation will have full control over the management and security of its data.

We provide comprehensive and coordinated information, communication and control system protection services by applying a security policy and implementing a system of monitoring and continuous improvement of cyber resilience. By defining the most important applications, data, processes and critical systems, we identify the company's critical assets and define risks and threats for the organisation's critical assets. We will help you assess, build and manage your preparedness and resilience in the field of cybersecurity, and your incident response capabilities.

We supply IT capacities of the highest professional qualification. We offer experienced IT specialists who help customers from the design of architectural solutions, implementation to optimization of delivered solutions. Thanks to this, cooperation filled with long-term success and trust on both sides is created.

Custom software development in brief

Custom software development in brief

We create technologically advanced solutions tailored to the customer's needs with maximum emphasis on satisfaction, quality and efficiency to streamline work processes for clients. Our software solutions are built mainly on Java and JavaScript.

Custom software development in brief

The Grant Management information system is a portal for the electronic submission of grant applications to support projects in the framework of activities aimed at achieving the goals of the organisation under the jurisdiction of the state at the national, regional or local level, with an emphasis on ensuring a uniform method of publication, registration, evaluation and processing of grant applications. The application itself supports the complete electronicisation of the life cycle of a grant application, from its submission, through checks, transparent evaluation and processing, to disbursement the approved grant. At the same time, it provides a comprehensive overview and history of all communication with the applicant in one place. Its primary objective is to simplify the arrangement of the applicants' agenda using electronic form between a grant provider and grant applicants.


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