The ActiveRegistry automated registry management system meets all requirements related to compliance with applicable registry management legislation in Slovakia.

It comprehensively resolves processes defined in valid legislative standards, and ensures the administration and management of documents throughout their entire life cycle, including archiving.

The automated registry management solution complies with the following legislation:

  • Act No. 395/2002 Coll. on Archives and Registries and on amendment of other acts, as amended
  • Slovak Ministry of Interior Decree No. 628/2002 Coll. implementing specific provisions of the Act on Archives and Registries and on amendment of other acts, as amended
  • Slovak Ministry of Interior Decree No. 525/2011 Coll.on Standards for Electronic Information Systems for Registry Management, as amended
  • Slovak Ministry of Interior Decree No. 410/2015 Coll. on Details of Registry Management by Public Authorities and File Creation
  • Act No. 305/2013 Coll. on Electronic Governance by Public Authorities and on amendment of other acts (e-Government Act)

Purpose of the solution

The basic purpose of using an automated registry management system is the need to build an information system that will make the registry management process more efficient, reduce the error rate when processing registry records, fully enable electronic administration, and simplify further manipulation and extraction of obtained metadata.


Basic philosophy of the solution

Automated registry management system:

  • enables registry management in accordance with applicable legislation
  • introduces the centralisation of registry management
  • reduces the administrative burdens of registry management by eliminating manual registry management tasks
  • ensures the exact performance of activities prescribed by law with an emphasis on compliance with the deadlines for their performance
  • provides a comprehensive overview of document handling processes, equipment status tracking and approval processes
  • enables fast and sophisticated searching through registered records and documents
  • ensures uniform formal editing of registry records originating from the organization's activities (use of templates, code lists, etc.)
  • reduces the error rate when filling out forms by using metadata
  • provides full integration to the Central Public Administration Portal
  • enables integration with Slovak Post with the ability to use the electronic mailing sheet (EPH) form
  • provides the ability to use a scanning module - storing documents for registry records
  • ensures the effective use of computer technology to improve the quality and transparency of registry management
  • offers the possibility of long-term storage of registry records
  • enables the abolition of the paper form of administration and the transition to full electronic administration in accordance with the e-Government Act

Basic security framework


  • The system makes it possible to define access rights to individual objects (records and files) for designated groups of system users, as well as for individual system users, depending on their assigned position or job title.
  • The system allows security categories to be set for individual registration codes, which also ensures a specific mode of access to records in files under a given code, even if it is a file in the regular agenda (without special restrictions from a security point of view).
  • The system allows the use of a qualified electronic signature in the form of a qualified electronic seal or mandate certificate depending on the type of authorised document.

    Additional advantages of the ActiveRegistry automated registry management system

    • ActiveRegistry is fully configurable by the client (the originator of the registry) or with the help of a consultant.
    • All settings, code lists, templates, documents, and other settings are configurable through the graphical environment and there is no need to implement and deploy a specific version of the registry.
    • Pleasant user environment, responsiveness, intuitive control.
    • Development is carried out by product and new functionalities are automatically available with the new version of the system.
    • The product is interconnected and fully integrated with other systems in both directions, which declares its integrability and flexibility.
    • A web application facilitates access from any computer.
    • The ActiveRegistry system can be delivered as a service that is available via a web interface and operated in the cloud, or it can be implemented in the client environment on the company's HW and SW.

    Operation of the ActiveRegistry system in the cloud:

    • Implementation and initial system setup within a few weeks.
    • System updates keep pace with applicable legislation.
    • Maintenance of the environment and user accesses.
    • Initial training of users before the system is put into operation.